Who is mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto? Elon Musk says he has the answer

Nobody really knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is. He has been credited with developing Bitcoin, the first and most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Nakamoto was the person who created the first Bitcoin blockchain and published the whitepaper on the digital currency. Nakamoto had imagined Bitcoin as a token of transactions that would be widely accepted by the world in order to prevent inflation.

Bitcoin is experiencing a rollercoaster ride in the last two years. In terms of popularity and soaring prices, however, Nakamoto’s identity remains a mystery. The world’s richest man believes he has the answer.

Elon Tesla, CEO of companies such as Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink, stated that he believes the person behind the Nakamoto pseudonym was Nick Szabo, a cryptographic expert.

He seems to be more responsible than anyone for the Bitcoin ideas. Musk claimed that he is not Nakamoto but that he’s not certain.

Musk stated, “You can see the evolution of ideas prior to the launch of Bitcoin, and see who wrote about them,”

Szabo was a pioneer in the development of cryptocurrency and other digital assets. Szabo was the main creator of the 1998 defunct Bit Gold Project, which was the first attempt at creating a virtual, decentralised currency. Szabo’s methods and ideas from the Bit Gold Project would directly impact Bitcoin development.

This included the introduction of a proof of work (PoW), the use of mining blocks on blockchain, and many other things. Smart contracts were also created by Szabo, and they went on to be a major part of the Ethereum blockchain that hosts the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world. Szabo claims that he is not behind Nakamoto’s identity.

“I’m afraid that you got it wrong by doxing me like Satoshi,” Szabo had told Dominic Frisby, a financial writer, in 2014.

Aston University Centre for Forensic Linguistics conducted a 2014 study that compared the Bitcoin whitepaper to other published material by Szabo and the writings of 10 other authors. It concluded that Szabo was the undisputed creator of the whitepaper.

Researchers found that there were uncanny linguistic similarities in Szabo’s writing and Bitcoin whitepaper. No other authors could be as close.

It is possible, however, that Nakamoto will not reveal his identity. Musk said, “It’s an intriguing quirk in human history that there’s a certain technology that has a completely anonyme inventor.”