Truth Behind Bitcoin Code

The truth behind Bitcoin code has been written by Satoshi Nakamoto. As a former trader, I have analyzed his messages in this online system and I am of the opinion that the person referred to as the author of the online system is a trader named with the screen name “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

His message explains the system based on His’s rule. The author explains in his message that the financial trading market would move under the help of the computer. The author also says that a certain set of rules that was to be followed in order to get benefited from this software were explained in the message. The author further says that if the trader was able to follow the set of rules in this software, he would get benefited and so this code was created.

There are only two possible candidates to be the person who wrote this message and it is obvious that whoever wrote it would have been a new trader who didn’t know about trading and a person who is very much new to the trading world. There is no other person who could have made this message and we need to find out how this person knew the technical aspects of trading. The person can be a new trader who was willing to learn and a trader who was at the verge of quitting the trading industry.

He would not know how to make the software and neither would he know the basics of trading. Neither could he know the basic concepts of the trading system and neither would he know how to make the system work.

He would have only one knowledge and that is that he will not be able to make anything happen in this industry and that is a handicap for him because he is a new trader. The trader may not be a novice in this field of trading and he may even be experienced. But he will be unable to figure out the basics of the game of currency trading. If this person had any real experience of trading, he will be able to understand the limitations of the system and it will not let him down.

If he was a real trader and he can’t understand what the system is all about and he wants to know about the technicalities of the system and he can’t understand the messages of the author then he will feel that he will be wasting his time and he will quit trading. He may end up losing more money than what he had planned to lose.

One more reason is that there are only those who have real technicalities and they understand everything that there is to know about trading. They are the ones who understand the essence of the online system. This system cannot be understood by a person without having technicalities about trading.

And if he thinks he will be able to understand the online system without having any understanding about trading then he will end up failing because of the simple fact that he will not know what the system does and how it works. If the person will be able to understand the online system he will be able to generate profits and make some profits and this will earn him his confidence in this business. He will then learn how to make the system work and make the online system profitable.