Square Enix Insists on Integrating Blockchain Elements Into Its Games

Square Enix is increasing its commitment to include blockchain elements in its games. Square Enix, which had previously made plans to enter the blockchain gaming industry, appears to be now interested in these tools for creating self-sustaining gaming economies.

Square Enix president Yosuke Maatsuda reiterated that the company and he must reach a compromise to provide some of these experiences in the future during a recent interview to Yahoo News. Matsuda believes user-generated content is important and insists that creators be rewarded with some type of game currency. Matsuda stated that:

Instead of relying only on good intentions, blockchain technology can be used to create content that is innovative and fun. If incentives are offered to those who contribute to the development, it’s possible to make this happen.

If there is enough interest from third-party creators, this would ostensibly also help games thrive without original support.

It’s not the first time

Matsuda’s views on cryptocurrency and gaming are not new. Matsuda explained in a January letter how blockchain could change the way builders and players can participate in gaming experiences.

Matsuda shared his thoughts on how to achieve such an immersive engagement:

This is possible with blockchain-based tokens. We will make it possible for games to grow by integrating viable token economies.

Square Enix is conservative in designing games featuring Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises. in fact denied the possibility of including NFTs during February, according to Naoki Yoshida (director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV).

Sega and other Japanese companies have been similarly ambivalent about NFTs. stated back in January that it would scrap NFT experiments if players see them as a money grab. However, also hinted at their inclusion in its ‘Super Game Framework’.