El Salvador Considers Mining Bitcoin Using Energy From A Volcano

El Salvador, the first country to legalize Bitcoin, is now considering mining its own cryptoassets using BigBlock Datacenter (based in Nantes).

This would be a great opportunity for the company, especially considering the fact that opportunities exist to share some of the action, given the closing of 90% of Chinese mining companies.

Adriana Mira, El Salvador’s deputy foreign Minister, has the news.
All of this is expected to take place at the foot a volcano that will be able to harness the geothermal energy from the area.

This will enable 100% clean, renewable energy with the promise to be colossal. This should reduce the carbon footprint for cryptocurrency mining.

According to BigBlock Datacenter, the project would have 30,000 ASICs (specialized miners), which is enough to produce about 530 bitcoin per monthly. This would amount to just over $18 million at the current price.

Sebastien Gouspillou is co-founder of BigBlock Datacenter and was also the president. He spoke to Journal du Coin about the meeting with El Salvador’s president.

This historic moment is rare, it has never been seen before. I can help to make it a success. That is what I like.

Historic is the right word. The firm, based in Nantes, will be able to expand internationally and is expected to lead the way in the implementation of concrete solutions for cryptocurrencies.

Paraguay, Argentina and other Latin American countries are now considering integrating cryptoassets in their operations and creating a legal framework.