Ebang refutes Bitcoin ‘China Hustle’ claims as share price falls 20%

The share price of Chinese Bitcoin ( BTC) mining firm Ebang continues to collapse, whereas the company refutes claims made at a Hindenburg Research report which declared it had been pilfering American investors’ money. The Hindenburg Research report, printed April 6, also explained Ebang as’only the most recent chapter from the’China Hustle’ disguised as a […]

Goldman Sachs Applies for Bitcoin-Related Investment Product

The SEC, that details a’connected note’ (a supplementary merchandise tied into some basket or security or securities, such as an ETF), states that investors might be subjected to’tumultuous innovation’ For people who don’t understand: an ETF makes it possible for investors to purchase and sell stocks continually through the day which signify the worth of […]

Respected Economist Jeffrey Sachs Says Bitcoin Offers ‘Nothing of Social Value’

Talking at the’About Individuals: Digital Advances in Science, Education, and Art’ seminar, Sachs, a writer and Columbia University professor, told a attendee he was’not even a fan whatsoever Bitcoin.’ He added the cryptocurrency’isn’t a store of value, isn’t a medium of trade’ and provides’nothing of societal price.’ While Sachs confessed that there are a number […]

HIVE Stock: The Best Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin is currently an extremely explosive investment with significant upside potential. Thus, when you choose stocks such as HIVE which are leveraged to the cost of Bitcoin, the expansion potential is outstanding. In only the past four weeks , HIVE inventory has gained over 1,130%. This mad expansion is guaranteed to capture the attention of […]