Canada’s first public Bitcoin fund hits $100M mark

The Canadian first public Bitcoin fund hit a milestone with the sale of $100 million in its currency, and has now closed a second round of investment. With over five thousand new investors investing in the fund, the amount of money being traded on the currency is growing rapidly. If this continues, it will be the largest fund ever opened for this type of investment, and is on course to reach even more impressive figures.

While private investor investors in the United States have largely been left in the dust when it comes to investing in the burgeoning world of digital currency, Canada’s first public Bitcoin fund is setting the pace. The fund was designed to help Canadian companies and entrepreneurs get started and get ahead in their businesses through the use of digital currency.

While many of the private investor investors have been waiting in line to buy into this burgeoning industry, Canadian companies have been waiting in the wings to capitalize on the new trends of the marketplace. One such company, called GreenBank, has created a platform that allows its customers to purchase and sell their digital currency on a secure, global scale without having to hold their cash in a bank account. As the first of its kind, GreenBank has been able to take advantage of the opportunities that digital currency represents in Canada, and has been taking advantage of the Canadian first publicBitcoin fund as well.

Some of the other private investors that have come aboard in the last few months include Canadian retailers like the Canadian Tire Company, a Canadian government agency, and an international investment firm. With the funds from the private investors, the fund has been able to pay for the establishment of its online trading platform, and purchase the necessary equipment and software needed to trade this new form of currency.

The Canadian first public investors, including a number of banks and credit unions, are now investing in the fund as a way of helping the Canadian economy grow. While other countries like the United States and England are still struggling to make a strong economy out of their digital currency markets, Canada has already taken the lead, and is now one of the leading economies of the digital currency industry.

As the industry continues to grow and become more established, the Canadian first public currency fund is setting the trend for future growth and success for the virtual currency market. With the help of an increasing number of private investors, and private corporations, the Canadian first publicBitcoin fund is poised to continue its long run as one of the most important sources of new and innovative capital in the world of digital currency.