Investors ploughed $300 million into bitcoin last week as Terra’s stablecoin went into meltdown

According to CoinShares, investors poured in record amounts of money last week into crypto assets, even though the collapse of terraUSD prompted a wider market selloff. Bitcoin was the leading cryptocurrency, with $299 million in weekly transactions, coinShares reported in a report. Outflows for Ethereum Solana, Polokadot, and other investment products weighed on the total. However, overall digital asset investments […]

Square Enix Insists on Integrating Blockchain Elements Into Its Games

Square Enix is increasing its commitment to include blockchain elements in its games. Square Enix, which had previously made plans to enter the blockchain gaming industry, appears to be now interested in these tools for creating self-sustaining gaming economies. Square Enix president Yosuke Maatsuda reiterated that the company and he must reach a compromise to provide […]

The Best Crypto Exchanges Of April 2022

There are basically two types of crypto exchanges: central exchanges and distributed exchanges. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Centralized Exchanges One organization manages centralized crypto exchanges (CEX). It is easy to start cryptocurrency trading with centralized exchanges. Users can convert their fiat currency (like dollars) directly into crypto. Most crypto trading takes place on centralized platforms. Some crypto enthusiasts […]

Spanish Retailer El Corte Ingles Launches Crypto Exchange in Partnership With Deloitte

El Corte Ingles is the third-largest Spanish retailer and distributor. It is reportedly launching an own cryptocurrency exchange. It is expected that the goal will be to leverage its existing customer base and reach investors. El Corte Ingles customers are small savers who might be interested in investing in cryptocurrency through a well-known company rather than turning to newer, […]

European Central Bank To Accelerate Digital Euro CBDC Efforts; Bitcoin Falls 8%, Shiba Inu 3%

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, says she supports the acceleration in research and development on digital currency (CBDC) for digital euro. American e-commerce giant eBay suggested that it might start a digital wallet service to allow users to access various digital assets. At 9.44 AM, the global crypto market cap fell by 3.92 […]