AdGram Helps Brands Leverage Cryptocurrencies in the Advertising Market

The AdGram agency has been set a year ago and is now currently the most significant advertising market in Telegram.

AdGram assists manufacturers put large marketing volumes in groups and channels quickly and economically. Channels and classes gain from growth of the viewers, it’s no problem to seek out advertisers and boost the profits from marketing placements via AdGram.

Within the previous 12 weeks, the agency has obtained a massive knowledge in communications using both administrators and advertisers from various nations, which has emphasized problems with settlements in numerous currencies. After overcoming these hurdles, it had been determined that cryptocurrency might be the secret to solving this issue.

The benefit of FreeTON is it is among the few jobs where all of the tokens belong to the neighborhood and it’s growing as a decentralized autonomous company.

The possibility of this underlying technologies and the increase of the neighborhood motivated AdGram and at October 2020 they collaborated together with all the FreeTON Community and completely incorporated Crystal as a way of payment. Synergy using FreeTON made it feasible to bring a large step towards utilizing cryptocurrencies as one, easy and clear way of payment.

The capacity to cover with tokens for advertisements in Telegram produces a effective use case for your TON Crystal token. Enormous and continuously growing quantity of this advertising market is very important for tokenomics since it generates demand and supply for market participants, and thus increasing the money of this market itself.

For entrepreneurs and administrators trades at TON Crystal is easy, convenient and quick! Additionally, it solves the issue of collecting information for transports in a variety of currencies, also avoids paying banks fees.

Promotion on Telegram as well as the FreeTON blockchain, that’s the successor of Durov’s first (but not occurred Durov’s TON)and produce a robust and impact-resistant combination of mutual advantages. This reveals communities and markets may develop within an self-regulated atmosphere.